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The Net has now become one of the main information vehicles essential for making your Company known to the public.

Matrimonio Party Style is a new, unique and revolutionary website.

Compared to competitive sites of its kind, it is the first to offer an extensive advanced search service.

This innovation will guarantee a large number of visitors, giving the site greater visibility and success in a short period of time.

The advantage of the user consists in identifying, in a short time, the most suitable location for their needs, selecting the options of interest in a few simple clicks.

A personal card (with access via password) will be associated with each Structure inserted.

It will therefore be possible to update it, or modify it, in a completely autonomous way.

Here are the features:

  • Possibility of uploading representative images of the location
  • Possibility of uploading videos
  • Detailed description of the location
  • Publication of promotions and events
  • Location map

The user can register through the appropriate area on our site by filling in all the required fields.

For more information and to know the cost of the subscription service, write to the e-mail address:

The Matrimonio Party Style Staff

Are you a location?
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